Aluminium, an eco-efficient material

Aluminium is a material with excellent properties and performance, making it suitable for many uses and applications in products of various kinds in all types of industries. From automotive to building, aluminium applications are practically endless.

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Lightness and durability

Aluminium is a light and strong metal; its main characteristics are strength, flexibility, and conductivity, which make it one of the finest and versatile materials on the market. All these properties make it an adaptable material for any type of project or industry.



To all we must add that it is one of the eco-friendliest elements that exist, so it meets the current requirements in the construction, architecture, automotive, transport, infrastructure, and energy industries.
Aluminium provides high added value thanks to its long life and its capability to be recycled without loss of quality, which means that it is a material capable of reinventing itself in infinite ways time and time again.

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Aesthetic versatility

All these qualities are enhanced by its aesthetic versatility, insulation, safety, and preservation of air quality, making aluminium the perfect material for practically any circumstance.
Each project has its own needs and requirements and aluminium can adapt to any of them. From the colour range of the RAL chart to matte, gloss, textured or wood effect finishes.
At Exlabesa we have trusted in aluminium for more than 50 years for all these reasons, since no other material offers so many guarantees of quality, sustainability and performance.