Exlabesa Clean Planet

Commitment to the environment

Social awareness of climate change and depletion of resources has increased considerably to become one of the priorities of the current socio-economic paradigm. Industrial activity, one of the sectors with the greatest impact on the environment, has special weight in these matters. So, at Exlabesa we have taken sides and have developed a production system that places sustainability at the heart of each operation.


Commitment to sustainability

Selva Verde

Exlabesa has been committed to aluminium for over five decades, for the material’s excellent technical characteristics and unrivalled properties, and for its reduced environmental footprint. Aluminium is 100% recyclable with no loss of quality, a feature that makes it one of the key materials of the present and of the future for its applications in all kinds of industries (construction, architecture, transport, automotive, etc.).

For this reason, Exlabesa has prioritized usage over consumption, endowing the material with infinite lives, incorporating the capability to recycle and manufacture eco-efficient aluminium billets into our production processes, significantly reducing our impact on the environment. We are aware of our social responsibility and exlabesa’s aluminium profiles are guaranteed to be sustainable.

The establishment of strong commitments to sustainability has led us to reduce carbon emissions in the sector, which have decreased by 21% in the last 10 years. All these measures position us as an international benchmark in environmental care since we constantly work to improve our production process and offer aluminium profiles of high added value.