exlabesa Clean Planet Initiatives

Recycled aluminium

exlabesa Clean Planet has laid the foundations of our environmental action plan. Sustainability has been a constant in our activity, optimizing the resources used in the manufacture of our aluminium profiles. However, with this initiative we have taken a step forward to obtain unmatched results.
exlabesa’s commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment has materialized through the creation of recycling plants, where we produce recycled aluminium billets that will later be used to extrude new profiles, ultimately giving an infinite number of lives to aluminium.


Aluminium recycling process


Once in the recycling plant, the aluminium, collected from third parties and from our own factories, is classified according to its alloy agents to preserve the mechanical characteristics of each type.


After the previous important step, the bars are cut or bent to make them into packages suitable for the size of the smelting furnaces, where they are heated to about 750° C.


When the aluminium enters a liquid state, it is cast into the moulds to obtain alloys with the ideal conditions and qualities. They are then made into billets for extrusion, which gives the material new life.


Minimum carbon footprint

Aluminium remelting uses only 5% of the energy used in the production of primary aluminium. Moreover, it generates a tiny CO2 footprint, which is why it is perfectly coherent with the most demanding quality and sustainability standards.
Furthermore, our development department has ensured that exlabesa’s recycled aluminium has a Carbon footprint of 3.67 kg of CO2 per kilo of aluminium. This is 79.6% less than the world average for primary extraction, given that the global average is 18 kg CO2 per kilo of aluminium produced. These data make it a great option for all kinds of projects whose main objectives are sustainability and respect for the environment.

Exlabesa’s recycled aluminium


% of the energy used in the production of primary aluminium


kg of CO2 per kilo of aluminium


% less than the world average

Caring for the planet as a priority

Our extensive experience has shown us that caring for the planet is a priority, which is why we have developed a material of almost incomparable qualities, and we have optimized our production processes to achieve one of the most competitive aluminium products on the market.

We also optimize our aluminium extrusion and recycling process by providing bags and containers to our customers. In this way, they can deposit leftovers and waste in them, so that our fleet of trucks can collect them and take them to our recycling plant, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology in smelting furnaces and machinery.

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